Silvia Lo Castro and Lorenzo Lapini

Lorenzo and I completed a five-day sailing course on our boat with Fabrice. For Lorenzo, it was a course to obtain the day skipper certificate, while for me, it was for the competent crew certificate.
Despite the different needs and skills between Lorenzo and me, Fabrice managed to guide both of us excellently, catering to each person's requirements without sacrificing those of the other. The course covered a range of topics, from theoretical knowledge (such as radar, navigation, and chartwork) to more practical aspects (including basic navigation elements, marina maneuvers, the man overboard scenario, fine-tuning, night sailing, and more).
Fabrice was always available to explain and re-explain when necessary. In addition to knowing sailing like the back of his hand, he is particularly skilled at teaching it: he never raises his voice, is patient and kind, humorous, and capable of making students feel at ease, if not even fostering a great rapport with them.
This course not only clarified and unveiled many aspects of sailing for us but also enriched us on a personal level. Fabrice exemplifies how an instructor (or anyone encountered in a “professional” setting) is not limited to their role but remains, above all, a person with whom, as in his case, you can have enriching conversations and form friendships.

Silvia Lo Castro and Lorenzo Lapini




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