Johannes S.

"I and my family were sailing with Fabrice Vauclair in Wellington [New Zealand]. He is a great instructor and soooo much fun. He knew exactly what to expect from whom and while having the overview at all times he was very relaxed and entertaining. Depending on weather conditions we sailed with much tilt close to the wind – the kids had to get used to this condition – or nicely before the wind. At the time we lived already two years in Wellington, but we had actually never been so nice on the water. We had searched for so long for the penguins that are supposed to appear in Oriental Bay but never been successful. With Fabrice, we were just 5 minutes out and they were swimming all around us. We had been with the ferry over to Somes Island several times, but what a difference when he took us over: anchoring in lonely bays is just different. Fabrice is the best skipper we ever had and he really inspired us: we are having our own boat now…"

Johannes S., 42 years old

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